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mm Wave Interposer

Product Outline

SER mm interposer is suitable for low-profile and multi-channel high-speed signal transmission.
It can be replaced from general coaxial connector, and possible to contribute to the miniaturization of equipment.

It is ideal for RF signal connection of Massive MIMO technology, array antenna module connection, and multi-channel mm wave connection between boards.
It is possible to customize the number of RF signal channels, interposer shape, etc.
In addition, probe length (0.9mm) is super short, so it has superior signal integrity and is ideal for high-frequency transmission.
We offer two types of base materials such as engineering plastic base which has a non-coaxial structure and impedance matching, and metal base which is suitable for reducing crosstalk between channels.


  • Solderless compression mount.
  • Bandwidth: ~70GHz.

non-coaxial configuration

non-coaxial configuration

Coaxial configuration

Coaxial configuration

Measurement data

  • Bandwidth:DC~70GHz.

TDR data

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