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Ardent Ladder Contact RC Connect-R

Product Outline

RC connect R is a ladder-shaped stamping probe contact by a unique idea.
The Top and bottom of the contact is sliding, the contact body is twisted, and make the same springiness as a probe.
Since the stamped probes are inserted directly into the socket base by automatic machine,
It is possible to reduces the assembly cost and it is ideal for High-volume products.
The socket can support both BGA devices with ball alignment and LGA devices without solder balls.

*US Patent Numbers 6,787,709, 6,909,056, 7,126,062, 7,556,503. Other US & Foreign Patents Pending


  • Achieves excellent high-frequency characteristics of 40 GHz.
  • Countermeasures for oxide film by wiping.
  • reduce the number of parts, and achieve a low cost.

Example of use

Closeup on probe tip

Closeup on probe tip

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