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Antenna in Package (AiP) Socket

Product Outline

We introduce innovative test socket for AiP device which is built in the latest smartphone and other mobile applications.  
As the important factor for OTA test of AiP module by ATE, it is necessary to use the specialized test socket for AiP.
In the case of traditional test socket design, we only care electric signal interface on ATE side. But in the case of AiP device which has antenna both top side and bottom side of the package, we need to consider the design for OTA (Over The Air Testing) side.
That is similar requirement for image sensor socket design, but also it is required to consider electric magnetic field for AiP devices.


  • Select appropriate materials to mitigate interference with antenna radiation.
  • Design the socket to mitigate interference with antenna radiation.
  • Secure high bandwidth on the ATE side. (up to 40GHz)
  • Design the socket to consider RF line on the ATE side.
  • Provide impedance control design data of PCB pad and probe contact point.

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