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Coaxial Structure Socket for mm-wave Device

Product Outline

Coaxial structure socket can bring excellent high-frequency characteristics that are achieved through impedance matching.

IC sockets can support a minimum 0.5mm pitch matrix, and we can design sockets with a complete coaxial structure according to the LSI signal, power supply, and GND terminal arrangements.

Coaxial structure socket for mm-wave device

Coaxial structure socket for mm-wave device

This socket has coaxial structure that can respond to the demand for operating characteristics exceeding the 80GHz band that can transmit without breaking the impedance Zo = 50 Ω from the board contact end to the IC terminal contact end.

This dramatically improves the pass characteristics, reflection characteristics, and crosstalk characteristics of each terminal.

In addition to pre-analysis and development design using electromagnetic field simulation (ANSYS), or Actual measurement up to 120GHz band is possible using VNA (Vector Network Analyzer). By matching simulation and actual measurement, we have achieved excellent signal integrity with high accuracy.


  • For evaluation of 100GHz band coaxial solutions such as 5G / 6G, and high-speed differential (Zdiff=100Ω) solutions.
  • Solderless compression mount.
  • Compatible with multi-impedance devices.

Vector Network Analyzer

Vector Network Analyzer

TDR mesurement

TDR mesurement

Ⅿeasurement data

Actual measurement data

Insertion loss

Return loss

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