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Crystal・MEMS Device Socket

Product Outline

SER provides Crystal/MEMS device socket for functional evaluation, frequency measurement, and temperature characteristic inspection of crystal devices, MEMS devices, and gyro sensors for manual / automatic machines.
We have various 3 types of socket as follows.
  • Butterfly type.
  • Clamshell type (from 2.0x1.6mm size).
  • Open top.
We can customize design the crystal device socket not only the type that contacts the user electrode on the bottom of the crystal device, but also be connected to the electrode on the side of the device.

Clamshell type socket


  • From prototyping to mass production (include mold die creation).
  • Contact: combination of probe/leaf contact/ available hybrid combination.
  • Mounting method: Both solderless and solder mounting are available.
  • High frequency compatible.
  • Completely non-magnetic compatible.

Socket for Crystal Devices

Butterfly type socket

Butterfly type socket

Open top type socket

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