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High Speed Signal Probing Socket

Product Outline

High Speed Signal probing Socket can observe signal waveforms directly below the solder balls on the product board in order to meet the needs of high-speed LSI actual operation analysis.
  • For High-speed PHY development site
    Actual operation analysis and evaluation in mounted on the PCB
    Evaluation for transmission characteristics of PCB pattern.

  • For product development site
    High-speed memory timing analysis/evaluation
    Actual operation analysis of high-speed IO
    Evaluation of PCB traces related to the above.

  • For Manufacturing sites, quality assurance departments
    Defect analysis of returned goods
    Identification of defective locations that cannot be reproduced on LSI tester.


  • Solderless compression mount on the product board.
  • Easy device replacement, high durability (20K replacement cycle).
  • No reflow or re-ball process required.
  • Reusable for other products.
  • All signals of DDR devices can be observable.
  • Customizable can be available supports mounting on boards without normal mounting method, LPDDR2/3/4, PoP devices such as MCP, SoC devices.
    *Please contact us for DDR5.

  • Support logic analyzers and protocol analyzers.
  • Support Keysight oscilloscope InfiniiSim.
    Interposer S-parameters (s2p) can be provided.
    Infinium90000/Infinium9000 series.a

Example of Measurement Environment
Signal Probing(using DSA91304A)

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